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About Me

When I was younger my dream was to travel the world, and at the age of 18, that dream became a reality. I travelled all around the world and had the most amazing experiences but somewhere along the way I had developed this feeling, a feeling that something was missing.


As the years passed I would have this constant feeling of lost, lonely and alone, even when I was in a room full of people. Constantly wondering where I fitted in.  Although I seemed to be living life to the full, these feelings would haunt me, I didn't understand why I had these emotions, I should be happy….. shouldn’t I???  To keep these emotions at bay I kept myself busy and was always on the go, but before long the years had passed and I had completely lost who I was, I had been so busy running away from my emotions, that I didn’t know who I was and what I wanted out of life. I had lost my map of the world. Nothing I did made me happy, I no longer got excited about anything, I didn't recognise myself any longer.  I had hit breaking point and things needed to change.


This is where I sought therapy and started to live again.  Taking the time out to think and talk about myself was liberating.  How often do we sit and really talk about ourselves in depth?


Shortly after this I qualified as a NLP practitioner, which really gave me the most powerful tool of understanding myself and implementing it into my life. This in itself was my biggest challenge by far, having to deal with emotions and fears buried deep within. For a long time I had carried issues of having to be in control, commitment issues, low self esteem, unhelpful beliefs and many more ha ha   I was finally understanding who I was, what I wanted and where I was heading. The journey was by no means easy, but certainly worth it.


This is my story and through NLP I continue to grow and understand the person that I am.


When you seek help and start to understand yourself is one of the best feelings. Everyone loses their path at some point in their life and may feel they need help to guide them, whether that be professional or from a loved one. If that is how you feel then don't hold back, If you change nothing, nothing will change."


Lex has been an incredibly important part of my journey to heal from past traumas and limiting beliefs. I've previously seen a psychologist and an EFT therapist for several years and I made more progress with Lex in the first few sessions than I had done the entire time prior! I've come to understand myself so much, and made so many shifts around the limiting beliefs that have held me back. I have gone from strength to strength, feeling so empowered and hungry to live my life now.

Along with NLP, Lex brings a uniquely wonderful blend of positivity and joy, focusing on unearthing the key details to help me move forward, whilst really being able to hold a non judgemental empathetic space. I've always felt supported, important and understood. I highly recommend Lex! You will not be disappointed.

Lauren Kelly


I went to Lex thinking that it wouldn't work for me... boy was I wrong. So people if you are reading this please give it a go. It has done wonders for me."  ​

Rhiannon Phillips


"It is great to have someone to rely on when need to have a check on what I want out of life, and to set those goals in my life."

Lesley Da Sliva


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