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Here's what my clients have to say about me...


"Having suffered from anxiety for the last 30 years to the point where it restricted what I could do due to fear of having a panic attack, I had literally tried everything from medication to counselling and CBT and, although they helped to a certain degree, my anxieties were still there. I had discovered NLP through a friend and believed it could help me so went to Lex with an open mind but never expected to be helped by her as much as I was. Her expertise in getting to the heart of the problem and the techniques she used were different to anything else I had tried before and I am now daring to do things I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing before and am also intending to come off of my medication shortly. She also helped me with self confidence issues and I now have a much greater self worth and can’t thank or recommend her enough"
Isabelle Williams 
“I had an NLP session with Lex for my confidence I went to her as I was delivering a course for the first time and I felt far too nervous and that I couldn't do it. After just one session with Lex I felt nothing I know that sounds strange but I had no nerves and no fear I felt very confident about talking in front of people and it worked when I delivered my first course all went well and I came away feeling fantastic. I'm one of these people that don't believe in things like what Lex was doing could help me so I went to her thinking that it wouldn't work for me but boy was I wrong. So people if you are reading this please give it ago as it has done wonders for me. Thanks Lex Lovell."

Rhiannon Phillips

“Lex, we have our little regular NLP sessions and it is great to have someone to rely on when need to have a check on what I want out of life, and to set those goals in my life. Our last session was spot on, and my short term goal of getting a new job came to life on the exact date I had set it to happen...... now working on end of 2015 goal. Thanks mate. Look forward to many more fellow NLP sessions.”

Lesley Da Silva

“Thanks to having a session with Lex I’m very pleased with the results, so get yourself booked in it’s worth it. Anything from not wanting to eat certain foods, to quitting smoking or even help loosing weight and phobias.”

Carmel Hogarth


“I had suffered for years with an eating disorder and when I spoke to Lex and she explained how she could help me I was intrigued.  I was a little dubious before my first session as I had tried many other things before, like diets, therapy, hypnotherapy and other treatments. Nothing seemed to work but this time I was desperate for the change.  I had 6 sessions with Lex and I can honestly say that my eating is now under control. It is an amazing feeling not to think about food constantly, and that it no longer rules my life. Lex has helped me with this and planning goals for the future.  I can’t thank you enough Lex. I feel brilliant.”
Ann Griffiths


“Thanks for everything, To Lex and good friend, Just to say a big Thank you for sorting my head out and giving me hope in my life. You are the best at your job. Keep up the work you do helping people. Many thanks again.”

Mark Sampson Hardwick


"My friend contacted Lex to help me due to me having eating problems, I had confidence issues with my appearance and had hit a low point. At first I was unsure about talking about it as I felt ashamed, but after my first session with Lex she made me feel totally at ease and completely comfortable talking to her.  After a few sessions with Lex we discovered my problems were to do with issues I had gone through and not dealt with at the time. Lex worked closely with me and did not once judge me.  I did not once feel pressured to talk about anything I didn’t want to and Lex worked with me at my own pace. I was never one to open up before, so the fact that she made me feel comfortable to open up to her was a massive achievement on its own.

After a couple of months of working alongside Lex I now feel like a different person, my confidence has come a long way.  I am still a bit self-conscious about my weight but I’m managing it in the correct way through sensible eating and going to the gym, which I would never had done before. I am working towards who I want to be and living life for myself and not others.  Lex has helped me to see myself in a different way and I now feel happy with who I am, so for that I am hugely grateful to Lex.

Yes I was pessimistic at first about all of this, but now I can honestly say that if anyone is struggling with situations, then do not keep it bottled up, get in contact with Lex.  She is 100% amazing and dedicated to what she does.


Thank you so much Lex for having the patience with me and helping me overcome problems that I didn’t think I would be able to, I am truly grateful. One very happy customer."      

Melissa Schultz


"I didn't know what to expect but I didn't expect an instant result. My love for Victoria sponge was getting out of control, a late night visit to tesco is out of control ! If i stopped for coffee if there was Victoria sponge I would have to have it too, i was stopping for cake rather than coffee. If i walked past a cafe and could see Victoria there I would stop. One session with Lex was all it took, gob smacked is an understatement. I can honestly say no late night tesco visits, no Victoria sponge with my coffee, if I do fancy cake I don't pick Victoria sponge, I still like it but it's not an addiction, I pick something else or say no nothing catches my eye today. If you do one thing for yourself this year, make this a must, I'm glad I did."

Teresa Sampson


Having been asked by my friend to do a reading for her wedding -
nothing struck fear in me more.  I’d always shied away from speaking
in public.  My instant reaction was that of absolute horror and dread,
so huge that it had a physical effect on me - even months before the
event.   Of course I was delighted and honoured to have been asked but
how could I do this?  In the past I had occasions where I had had to
do so, but I was ill beforehand and couldn’t remember the event
afterwards.  I was so stressed that it was a total blank and I had no
idea how I had done.  I had shied away from speaking in public all my
life.  Why? - I didn’t know!  This had to stop so on a whim, I
contacted Lex.  She instantly put me at ease, she totally understood
where I was coming from and said that she could help me with NLP.  I
didn’t really know what NLP was, meant or what the procedure would be.
In fact I thought I’d need to be hypnotised.  Lex assured me that we
needed to get to the root cause and NLP was the way to do this.

After our first couple of sessions, where Lex had said things that
resonated with me I still wasn’t convinced that NLP was the way to go.
I couldn’t see where we were going with this and I felt that probably
this technique wouldn’t work for me.  Lex understood that I was a bit
of a control freak (my words not hers) and just asked me to bear with
her - we were going in the right direction she said.  I really wanted
this to work.  I NEEDED this to work.  I didn’t want to be petrified
of speaking in public any more.
During and after our sessions, thoughts would pop up.  Things I’d not
thought about for years.  Things that I would never have thought of as
relevant.  Things I didn’t realise I’d even remembered. How were these
thought and feelings even relevant?  I didn’t know, but I trusted Lex
to give the process a chance.

Lex took me back through thoughts and memories and asked me to
approach them in my mind and through discussion from different point
of views.   This was the turning point.  By our last session ( I only
needed 4 sessions) negative thoughts had been changed to positive
ones. Bad memories had been altered to reflect learning experiences.
The control freak felt in control - but in a totally different (and
better) way.

There was no ‘kapow' moment, just a quiet feeling of confidence and
understanding of being in control of my own feelings.

Yesterday was my best friends wedding.  As I arrived at the church and
was shown to the dizzy heights of the pulpit (yes it was raised up a
flight of steps so that everyone could see and hear me - great!) I
didn’t feel nervous.  I’d not had my usual nerves and physical sick
feeling beforehand either.   I spoke with confidence and fluidity.  I
even got a round of applause at the end and many compliments during
the day.   I am SO glad I contacted Lex and SO very grateful to her
for her work with me.  Thank you Lex.    


Alison Thomson

Lex came into my life through a recommendation, at the perfect time.
Sometimes these things happen this way. My confidence was very low and my
thought patterns limited due to an illness and also through being trapped in
old habits and habitual thoughts and emotions. After just a few sessions
with Lex, at my home and at a time convenient to me, I worked through some
sensitive issues with Lex. She has not just the qualifications but also a
special insight and way with her that made working with her incredibly
powerful and immensely valuable. I would strongly recommend Lex very

Sindy Banga

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