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Strong Negative State


Negative thinking can have a strong and sometimes devastating impact on all aspects of our lives.


Negative thinking can take the form of imagining or expecting that bad things will happen or that nothing good will ever happen for you. You might worry about your health deteriorating, your relationship going downhill, your car breaking down or your career being ruined— even though nothing has actually happened yet.


You might even find yourself focusing on what you don't have in your life and believe that nothing will ever get better for you. Stress related to your financial future, the welfare of your children or your partner leaving you fit into this category. On the other hand you could dwell on mistakes made in the past which creates negativity. Feelings of guilt and worthlessness may arise when you play over and over in your mind, ‘bad’ choices or ‘wrong’ actions you feel you have made.


There is nothing negative about simply reflecting on past experiences. This is how we can and learn and mature as people. Negativity arises when you dwell on a situation repeatedly with no real intention to learn and move on – but instead you are beating yourself up or wishing things were different instead of accepting of things as they are.


Negative thoughts often revolve around what’s wrong with your life. Your attention becomes fixated on this that you don't see the good that is happening in your life. For example, you may have a beautiful family, a roof over your head and plenty of food in the cupboards, you have just got a pay rise at work but your car breaks down, which then dominates your negative emotions as a result. All week you find yourself feeling frustrated, angry and down because of the car situation instead of focusing on what is going well in your life. The truth is that the car has a problem, that's a simple fact. Going over the situation continuously is just a way of getting trapped into negativity.


If you have this habit of lamenting over your sorrows and problems you may constantly feel frustrated, anxious, depressed and apathetic. You’re so absorbed in whats wrong, you’re unable to notice what’s right.

My Treatments



I use NLP techniques to "reprogramme" clients patterns of thinking and behaving.  I provide clients with the tools to confidently face difficult situations, overcome emotional barriers and view life through fresh, hopeful eyes.  

I also approach this through questions and exercise and get a good idea of your map of the world. Getting to know and understand your thought pattern will enable me to identify the most effective route to your goal. NLP is an affective process that goes deep to heal the root cause very fast.

Hypnosis can also be used in conjunction with NLP to assist the client into a deeper, relaxed state, which can sometimes help the client achieve a better result. 

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